Why Peruvian Pima Cotton Is Known As the Cream of the Cotton Crop


Just like coffee or wine, the quality of cotton varies greatly. All thanks to ideal growing conditions hand harvesting, and extra-long staple length, Peruvian Pima cotton is the world’s finest, prized for its unusual durability, softness and brilliant shine.

Things that make Peruvian Pima Cotton stand apart from ordinary cotton

  • It is softer and more absorbent as compared to other kinds of cotton.
  • It grows in coastal Peru that creates the best quality Pima cotton in the world.
  • Its extra-long staple length makes Peruvian Pima cotton soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling.
  • Eco-friendly hand-harvesting results in brilliant white fibers that dye beautifully and are free from scratchy impurities.
  • It is perfect for people who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin.

Ideal growing conditions 

In order to grow an exceptional quality crop, one needs exceptional growing conditions. Peruvian Pima cotton grows in abundance along the northern coastal valleys of Peru. There, the soil soaks up the right amount of moisture at pretty perfect equatorial temperatures. The result is cotton with a silky luster and an amazingly soft hand.

Harvested entirely by hand

Unlike other cotton crops, Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested completely by hand. Not only is harvesting by hand more environmentally-friendly, but it’s better for the cotton crop itself. Whereas, industrial harvesting tears the cotton fibers, giving it a yellowed tone and creates a scratchy texture that affects the softness of the final product. The careful hand harvesting of Peruvian Pima cotton, however, results in a brilliant white color of the whole cotton, which dyes wonderfully and feels smooth and soft against the skin.


The longer and smoother the filament of natural fiber, the softer the hand is. Peruvian Pima cotton’s exceptionally long, 1-3/8" staple length makes it exceptionally soft and extremely durable and highly resistant to pilling. It is hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for people with skin allergies.

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