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We make clothing exclusively with natural fibers and recycled materials that are authentic to Peru. That means no synthetic materials like polyester, which use up nonrenewable resources and release micro plastics into the air and water supply. The result is luxurious, durable garments that showcase the unbelievable resources that Peru has to offer.



Since alpacas do not shed their fleece, they need to be shorn annually so that they don't overheat during the summer. The fleece can then be spun into a luxurious and light material that keeps you warm and is soft on your skin. It’s this symbiotic relationship with our alpaca friends that inspires us to create.


We source Peruvian Pima cotton, which is luxury cotton that has been cultivated in South America for millennia. The fibers that come from this kind of cotton plant are silkier than the average cotton. They’re also incredibly strong and resistant to pilling and fraying.

Recycled denim

Each Reuben Oliver purchase is packaged in a recycled denim bag, which gives a new life to denim fabrics. The denim industry is incredibly water and energy intensive, but using recycled denim is much gentler on the planet.

By cultivating relationships with a hand-selected group of craftsman, we ensure each garment undergoes a rich process and that our operations never perpetuate poor working conditions for our creators.


About Reuben Oliver

Our factory is located in the heart of Lima and is home to a team of talented seamstresses and artisans. By maintaining this close relationship with our factory and the creators who work there, we can be sure that they are working in safe working conditions and that they are deeply involved in the creative process.

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