Our Story

When we started Reuben Oliver, we visited various countries and cultures around the world - all in effort to find the best source for our garments. When we got to Peru, we were astonished by the number of luxury companies that have been sourcing from the country. And the more we explored, the more we understood. The country is immersed in ancient practices that have yielded some of the softest fabrics and most complex weaving processes in the world. But even more importantly, the country has already had some of the most sustainable practices in place for centuries prior.

But our love for the country extended beyond its focal place in the fashion industry - it poured into the culture, the people, the historic origins of complex art forms… It became increasingly clear that we did not want to follow the path of the other companies that were sourcing here. We didn’t want to simply take from the country’s fibers and use their processes all while ignoring the deeper culture that garnered them. Instead, we decided to take the opposite path: to connect our garments to their source in the most authentic way we know how – through the lens of the artists that know them best.

Connecting to the source of the softest fabrics in the world


Collaborating with Artists

Art has always been the foremost vehicle for developing powerful connections. And Peru has been the source of some of the most advanced art forms in human history. In trying to create a truly authentic & powerful connection to the country – we view fusing fashion with up & coming Peruvian artists as a necessity.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the main reasons we felt strongly about Peru was the country’s ties to some of the most sustainable fibers and practices that they have had in place for centuries prior. All of our clothing is exclusively with natural fibers and recycled materials that are authentic to Peru. That means no synthetic materials like polyester, which use up nonrenewable resources and release microplastics into the air and water supply. The result is luxurious, durable garments that showcase the unbelievable resources that Peru has to offer.

Our Artisans

We chose Peru because we believe it is time to show appreciation where appreciation is due. But it doesn’t just stop at the country. Our factory is located in the heart of Lima and is home to a team of talented seamstresses and artisans. We strive to develop a genuine connection with our talented craftsman and ensure that they not only have safest of working conditions, but are acknowledged for their deep involvement in the creative process.

Our Mission

Collaboration and unity have always been the cornerstone of some of the most monumental developments in history. And in a world of increasing fragmentation, we knew that we wanted Reuben Oliver to become a unifying force. We strive to unite various cultures and collaborate extensively across industries in order to explore how we can bring fashion to new heights.


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