Peruvian Biodiversity


Peru is considered one of Earth’s ten “megadiverse” countries. It is home to the second-largest portion of the Amazon rainforest behind Brazil, allowing for a special ecosystem to thrive, contributing to both a healthy natural environment along human wellbeing. Peru ranks top five worldwide in terms of its specie diversity, with thousands of varieties of breeding birds, mammals, and fish. Peru’s vast biodiversity can be experienced through a short drive from Lima’s beaches to the mountainous region of San Antonio, given Peru has 28 of 32 possible climates on the planet. 

Since Peru is so naturally rich, a total of 2.2 million rural Peruvians live off family agriculture. Peru is also home to the world’s largest orchid, called Inkill, which grows up to 13.4 m in height, only in the forest Bosque Nublado Amaru. In every sense of the word, Peru is truly diverse. The Peruvian Amazon comprises 76% of its national territory, in which over 300,000 indigenous people and 51 different ethnic groups live. Such tremendous natural resources have and will continue to allow Peru to flourish, making it the best place on the planet for Reuben Oliver to operate. Our sustainable fabrics and manufacturing process are facilitated by Peru’s one of a kind biome, which has helped us develop and deliver premium, eco-friendly products to our customers.


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