Peruvian Skate Culture


When most people think of Peru, they immediately think of its vast biodiversity, beautiful landscapes and its impressive food scene. However, unknown to most is Peru’s vibrant skateboard culture. With over nine skateparks in Lima alone, skateboarding is an essential part of urban culture in Peru. Every day, Lima’s skateparks are full of its teens who comprise a new bubble of youth heavily influenced by streetwear, hip hop, and pop culture, prompting the opening of Lima’s first streetwear and skate shop in 2019. 

A recent trip to Peru by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk struck inspiration for a show that explores the intersection of skating and culture around the world. In fact, the head chef of Peru’s most famous restaurant, Central Restaurante, has a strong background in skateboarding. As Peru’s skateboarding sphere has continued to expand, Lima is scheduled to host the 2020 Skateboarding Open Street and Park (if not postponed due to COVID-19), a qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Be sure to tune in to this event at Lima’s Costa Verde Skatepark, situated directly on Lima’s beautiful coast. 


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